Where are the old Democrats?

I’m very conservative and Christian.  I’m pro gun.  Anti abortion.  I think people should work for what they need or want.  I could go on, but you get the point.

I grew up in Indiana in a very democrat family.  I’m the blacksheep of the family.  I basically learned the democrat meant being a working man, or woman.  They believed in God and the Bible.  The believed in gun rights.  In many ways, they were the conservatives of today with a few differences.

I’m wondering where those democrats went?  Are they really all gone?  Most of, if not all of the democrats I knew would not have been decorating anything with rainbows after the recent supreme court fiasco.  They wouldn’t be fighting for open borders in the name of being politically correct.

The democrats I knew would have never dreamed of burning the American Flag.  They also wouldn’t fight to force anyone to do away with the confederate flag.

The democrats I knew all had guns.  They didn’t believe that the government should be the overseer of what was good for everyone.  In fact, the democrats I knew didn’t really trust the government no matter which party it claimed.

Are all of those democrats gone?  Did they die out at some point during the last 30 years and I missed it?  I cannot picture anyone I knew from central Indiana in the 80’s hanging a gay pride flag at their house or anywhere else.  They thought abortion was an abomination.  Where are they?  Are they too afraid to speak up?  Are they too afraid to lose something if they stand up?

What happened to them?


When do I accept the title of racist?

I’m a middle aged, that’s weird to say, white male.  Growing up, I never considered myself as a racist.  I didn’t see a specific type of person and think anything that covered a whole race of people.  I had friends, or at least acquaintances of all types.

The first time I was accused of being a racist white guy was in Army basic training.  I needed something from a specific drill sergeant, but I didn’t know his name.  I described him as the black drill sergeant.  He was the only african american drill we had.  I then spent at least an hour doing push ups and being accused of being a racist.  Thinking about that now, they never did tell me how I was supposed to describe him.  That was in the 90’s.

It’s now 2015 and I still don’t know what words I can use and which ones I can’t.  From watching the news and other media it appears that it really doesn’t matter what I do or say.  I, and others like me, have been deemed to be the enemy by default.  It’s almost as if there are people that want me to be a racist whether I am or not.  It feels like brainwashing.  If I’m told that I’m racist for long enough, then eventually I’ll accept the title and act accordingly.  Then, I can truly be called an enemy.  Interesting approach.

I’ve only mentioned one incident here, but there are more than I can count.  Both on the job as a police officer, and personally.  So, I’m truly interested.  What do I do?  What am I?  Am I automatically racist because of my skin color?  Do I have a choice?

Is she as evil as I feel?

I have a pretty good people radar.  It’s probably from years of experience as a cop.  Sometimes I’m a little off on my initial feelings, but not by much.

I’ll find person to be kind, afraid, angry, mean spirited, violent, arrogant, shy, etc.  Kind of the usual personal attributes. None of these really surprise me or cause any kind of discomfort.  I guess I’m just used to it.

But, there is one person in the lime light right now that really sets off all of my alarms.  She gives me a very uneasy feeling.  I feel that she truly would kill to gain the advantage or get what she wanted.  She seems to have no issue with lies.  No qualms with doing whatever is in her best interest, or at least the best interest of her agenda.

She is one that truly causes fear for me of what she is willing to do.  Every time Nancy Pelosi is on the news speaking I get this sick feeling.  It really doesn’t matter what her words are.  It’s something on the inside.  I truly hope that


What is your freedom worth?

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)


I deal with PTSD.  I’m ok to say that here because i’ve already said it elsewhere and i’m one in a billion people.  I’ve had multiple conversations with my doc about whether I’m ok to keep my gun or not.  He agrees that I’m ok and I feel the same.


But, there is a fear of the government labeling me and other veterans as dangerous.  The govt. would base this on papers and labels and not on an individual.  I don’t get disability of any kind and I really don’t want to.  My concern is that applying for such would put me among others on a government radar.  I don’t want to be stripped of any rights because someone figures out how to cram me into a category that I don’t belong in.


I was advised this morning by another private citizen that if it were them, they would take the chance on losing rights if they could get a disability check.  Even as I type this I’m stunned again.


How pervasive is this idea that personal freedom is a small price to pay for government handouts of any kind?  When did this start?  Is the life God gave you worth nothing?


If a person is willing to trade in everything for government security(a fairy tale by the way), then where does it stop?  How many will gladly denounce Christ if it means another day of false security?


I don’t know what else to say.  I’m saddened.



Is the debt clock just for fun?

US national debt clock / billboard. Picture wa...

US national debt clock / billboard. Picture was taken on April 19 so add approx. $1.5 billion per day to get current amount. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I watch the national news, doesn’t matter what station, and occasionally they cut away to the debt clock.   One thing is always true with that counter:  the numbers are always going up.  Not just going up, flying up.


I have to wonder as the various politicians on every side argue back and forth on what to spend money on and what not to, do they ever stop to look at that counter?  Do they see that there is no money to spend?  How can they continue to think they can borrow from the future when as a country we are so incredibly far into the negative.


This is no longer a partisan issue.  It’s not about helping the poor or protecting the rich.  It’s not about saving the middle class, lower class, higher class or head of the class.  This is about we as a country being broke.


Let me state this very clearly:  WE DON’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TO SPEND!  It’s done, over, kaput.  What was once blessed by God as the most powerful nation in the world is now beholden to dangerous people and countries because of our debt.


In our house I handle the money.  If our bank account is zero I don’t go to anyone and say “you need to give us more money so we can keep spending.”  Whoever they would be would laugh me out of the room!  If our account is zero, we don’t spend.  The End.  I could switch over and start piling on debt to credit cards, but that’s going to end at some point.  When it does end we’ll be in even more trouble than if we would have just lived in the truth of our situation.


Shut down the damn government if that’s what it takes!!!!  Do something other than pretend everything is fine while you keep finding ways to spend even more!  I don’t really care at this point what issues are important to you as a politician.  I don’t care what empty promises you made in order to get elected.  It’s time to face the music.  Stop spending money that doesn’t exist!!!!


Why I hate pepper spray for self defense

Pepper spray Demonstration; U.S. Marine Corps ...

Pepper spray Demonstration; U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Jerry Syrek, an instructor assigned to Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, Security Department, sprays U.S. Navy Aviation Electronics Technician Airman Joel Pichardo with pepper spray during the one week Auxiliary Security Force Academy held on board NAS Jacksonville. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It seems these days that many people who formerly paid no attention to the idea of having to defend themselves from a violent person or persons are starting to think that maybe they should.  I agree with them.


Obviously the news likes to pick up on stories and sensationalize them for ratings.  But, it seems that today they have even more stories to choose from.  Because of the seeming uptick in violence many people are looking for ways to defend themselves.  A vast majority of those people are afraid of guns or at least afraid of the stigma related to them thanks to the news, politicians, etc.


So, many will decide to go with non-lethal forms of self defense instead of the dreaded firearm.  What many don’t know is that these non-lethal self defense items also leave a lot of room for error.


Let’s take a look at one of the more popular items for self defense, pepper spray.  Having been sprayed with pepper spray either directly or indirectly on more than one occasion, I can tell you that it hurts.  But, I can also tell you that in the right situation a determined person can also fight through it.


As I write this I’m reminded of a police call I was on a few years ago.  My partner and I were trying to make an arrest on a man that was high on narcotics.  We did everything by the book and were going through the levels of force to try to control the guy and get him into handcuffs.  When the pepper spray came out the fight did not stop.  It just meant that we all had to fight through the haze of burning spray.


I know that there are many instances when pepper spray was all it took to stop a bad guy.  But, there are also many when it did not and only served to make it a little harder to fight.  Personally, I will never rely on pepper spray as the only line of self defense.


Racial slur responsibility


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)


I was in my office this morning and caught a report from the George Zimmerman trial on the news.  The prosecution had a witness on the stand who was evidently a friend of Trayvon Martin.  When asked, she stated that calling a white person ‘honky’ or ‘cracker’ should not be considered racial slurs.  This statement raises a lot of questions for me, but after thinking about it for a while here’s my thought.


It is only hurtful or inflammatory language if I allow it to be.  You, or anyone, can call me any negative name you would like to, but it’s still in my power to accept or deny those titles.  It is my choice how I react to those statements, or any statements.  Just because another person launches some type of verbal assault against me doesn’t mean I have to accept it.  Actually, I don’t have to do anything. Nothing at all.  I have the free choice to walk away from that person at anytime.  Their words can only affect me if I choose to let them.


I have been called many negative things in my life by various races of people.  Most of which occurred while I was a police officer.  None of those names could be allowed to cloud my judgement of the law or the person.  They were, are words and nothing more.  I may not like the intent behind the words, but again that is my choice to like, not like, or be indifferent.


So, in the end who is responsible for your reactions, your feelings?  Is it really all in the hands of another person?  Is it really the right thing to let another person’s words affect you or me to such an extent that we are willing to give up time and energy to try to exact punishment or revenge on them?  Obviously, there are places where such things are outside the bounds of appropriate behavior.  But, speaking of a one to one situation outside of any other situations, it is your job to decide what words you accept.  Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your own feelings.  You are the only one that can control them.


Never too late to make mistakes

Bullet ear ring

For various reasons I grew up believing that mistakes of any size were unacceptable.  I do mean unacceptable.  This belief continued to follow me into adulthood.  In fact it was enforced even more in adulthood.  As a soldier and police officer mistakes could make the difference between life and death.  Come to think of it, it was the same at times when I was a child.

I’ve recently started making jewelry out of my bullet casings that I collect after I go to the shooting range.  I was asked to make a set of ear rings for my cousin for her wedding.  They needed to have a rather specific, rustic look.  I gathered the parts and went to work.  I used some rub n buff on the them for a more antique look.  As I was rubbing off the excess, some of the color I had just applied started to come off in patches.  I thought they were ruined.  I knew I had just screwed them up and these were the only parts I had for this specific pair.

Disappointed as I was in myself, I went ahead and sent them to her with my apologies.  I let her know that I would not be offended if she got rid of them.  How wrong I was.  She got them today and loved them.  She took no time to post them to Facebook and say how excited she was with them.

I’m in my 40’s now and I’m learning that mistakes can be ok.  Sometimes what we perceive as a horrific error can turn out to be just what was needed.

Don’t restore iphone 5 via the cloud

English: An iPhone 4S on its setup screen.

English: An iPhone 4S on its setup screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It was time for me to upgrade my phone so I went from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5.  Cool new phone, but I had an immediate problem.  I backed up the 4s like normal and then chose to restore the iPhone 5 via the cloud as well.  That was a mistake.  It totally locked up my phone.  The screen started unexpectedly shutting off and then it just stopped turning on completely.


I tried to restore it by plugging it into my Mac and iTunes, but it was too late.  It just wouldn’t come back.  I looked at some Apple forums and saw that a few other people had had the same problem.  So I took the phone back into Verizon this morning and they replaced it.


This time I plugged the phone into my Mac and did a restore that way.  So far there have been no problems the second time around with this method.  My advice is to do at least the initial set up by connecting the phone to iTunes.  After that hopefully I won’t have any problems.