Being judged on Facebook

I think there’s no denying that there’s a communication gap on any social media site. People, even if they know you, will tend to judge who you are based on what they see you post.

Lets say you are passionate about a current events topic. Could be gun control, abortion, cell phone use while driving or any other current event. If you post too often about a particular topic, then suddenly you’re a borderline nut job.

The judgers will not typically remember anything else you’ve talked about. They will simply compile their new opinion of you based on the most recent evidence, to the exclusion of all other information. They also will rarely take the time to try to understand why you are so fired up about a topic. They will just judge you and move on to the next victim.

In my opinion this sucks a ton, but I don’t see a way to change it. Abstain from all social media I guess. Maybe only post pics of cats, but then you’d be labeled as a crazy cat person.

By the way, I see this happen on Facebook more than any other social media venue.