Christians, Stand Your Ground!!!!

With the recent changes happening in the United States I’ve been saddened, angered, disheartened by what I’ve seen.  Yes, part of my disappointment has been from the un-Godly changes in our laws, but more of it has been caused by seeing people who profess to be Christians bowing to the pressure to be politically correct.

It has been most evident on social media.  Seeing a person who one day shared a Christian meme, and the next day put a gay pride rainbow on.  Combined with everything else happening on the world stage, it’s enough to make me want to give up.

But, God did not call me, or any of His children to give up.  He called us to stand firm.  He called us to prepare for battle.  In Ephesians 6:10-20 every Christian is given his or her battle orders.  Eph 6:10 starts with the imperative to stand your ground.  It doesn’t say to stand down or give in so you can be nice.  It says Stand Your Ground.  Standing your ground doesn’t mean to hate.  It doesn’t mean to demean.  It’s not angry or mad.

What it is is a command to stand your ground in the face of what is wrong.  If no one is standing up for truth, then how can the truth be known?  Disagreeing with a lifestyle is not wrong.  In fact, continuing to point to God is one of the most loving things you can do.


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