3 day get home bag

Disaster or emergency preparedness is nothing new.  FEMA has had guidelines on their website for a few years now on how to handle various emergencies.  Most anyone who was in the military and did any deploying can tell you that there is an art to being prepared at any time for anything.  All of my military time was spent with bags packed in a specific way in a specific order.  And yes they were used.  This list is not a long term packing list.  It’s a “I’m suddenly caught in a crap storm and I need to get to base list”.

So, I got serious about making up a couple of new ‘go’ or ‘get home’ bags today.  One for me and one for my wife.  I used two decent backpacks that we already had.  They are not from the Hike, Camp, Fish, Kill a Dinosaur store.  They are from our closet.  Anyone can create some extra piece of mind by providing yourself with some items to stay prepared.  And most people have a majority of the needed items already at home.

I’m absolutely positive that you will see some items on the list that you would never take anywhere, and you’ll see some things missing that you believe I will be dead in a day without.  That’s cool.  If my pack fails me and you find me dead, you have my permission to eat me.  Also note that your packing list may very depending on your location and specific needs.  You may also want to adjust some of the payload based on the time of year you are in.  This is especially true is money is an issue.  So here’s my list:  Enjoy.


Primary pistol magazines(loaded)

22 pistol with spare magazine
firstaid kit
Plastic bag & grocery bag
hand sanitizer
Face Mask
Filtration straw
Tennis shoes
Knit hat
toilet paper
baby wipes
Toiletries kit-travel type
Flip flops
Multi tool
Wash cloth
Duct tape
Poncho (Heavy Duty Trashbag)
Food – 6000 calories
House, car, personal docs



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