Is she as evil as I feel?

I have a pretty good people radar.  It’s probably from years of experience as a cop.  Sometimes I’m a little off on my initial feelings, but not by much.

I’ll find person to be kind, afraid, angry, mean spirited, violent, arrogant, shy, etc.  Kind of the usual personal attributes. None of these really surprise me or cause any kind of discomfort.  I guess I’m just used to it.

But, there is one person in the lime light right now that really sets off all of my alarms.  She gives me a very uneasy feeling.  I feel that she truly would kill to gain the advantage or get what she wanted.  She seems to have no issue with lies.  No qualms with doing whatever is in her best interest, or at least the best interest of her agenda.

She is one that truly causes fear for me of what she is willing to do.  Every time Nancy Pelosi is on the news speaking I get this sick feeling.  It really doesn’t matter what her words are.  It’s something on the inside.  I truly hope that



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