Cold hearts or just oblivious?

    In talking about the signs of the end, Matthew 24:12 talks about the hearts of men growing colder.  I’ve always interpreted this to mean that people will become more and more violent.  I think it’s pretty evident that this is and has been happening.  

But,  I’m starting to believe that this is about more than just violent behavior.  My wife and I went out for lunch today.  Then made the trip back home.  As a former cop, I tend to notice many things in my surroundings that some may ignore.  I’m always observing what’s going on.  

What I see on the road, in a store, at a restaurant and even at church is a general isolation of one from another.  Many people are simply so self absorbed that they don’t see anyone or anything else.  They have become the center of their own universe.  Their hearts have grown cold to those around them.  

Think this scenario through for a moment.  A man, intent on killing, walks into a crowded place, completely unnoticed and opens fire on a crowd.  In some cases someone has walked into a crowded space with a knife or sword and began killing.  Have you thought about how it is that someone can walk into a crowd and start killing with no one noticing beforehand that something out of the norm was happening?  (before you argue this point, I know that there are some instances where there has been no chance to react.  But not all events have been this way.)  

      I’ve thought for a while that I was constantly being cut off in traffic because people were being asses.  That may be the case sometimes, but I now believe that more often than not those people don’t even know I’m there.  They don’t know that anyone but them is even on the road, in the store, etc.  

      I think this is a part of the coldness that has infiltrated the hearts of men.  A coldness that leads to an amazing level of blindness.  I wish I could suggest an answer to this problem, but this one is way above my pay grade.  This is an issue only God can handle.  Are we nearing the end?  Nearing the return of Christ?  I’ll answer this question in two ways.  First, I hope so because I’m ready to go home, my true home.  Second, I’m afraid we are and I don’t know how to reach the lost before it’s too late.  

      What do you think?  Have things changed or is the world running along as it always has.  


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