What is your freedom worth?

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)


I deal with PTSD.  I’m ok to say that here because i’ve already said it elsewhere and i’m one in a billion people.  I’ve had multiple conversations with my doc about whether I’m ok to keep my gun or not.  He agrees that I’m ok and I feel the same.


But, there is a fear of the government labeling me and other veterans as dangerous.  The govt. would base this on papers and labels and not on an individual.  I don’t get disability of any kind and I really don’t want to.  My concern is that applying for such would put me among others on a government radar.  I don’t want to be stripped of any rights because someone figures out how to cram me into a category that I don’t belong in.


I was advised this morning by another private citizen that if it were them, they would take the chance on losing rights if they could get a disability check.  Even as I type this I’m stunned again.


How pervasive is this idea that personal freedom is a small price to pay for government handouts of any kind?  When did this start?  Is the life God gave you worth nothing?


If a person is willing to trade in everything for government security(a fairy tale by the way), then where does it stop?  How many will gladly denounce Christ if it means another day of false security?


I don’t know what else to say.  I’m saddened.




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