Being prepared is more than beans and bullets

Soldiers wearing the Army Physical Fitness Uniform

Soldiers wearing the Army Physical Fitness Uniform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I, like everyone else, have been seeing and hearing more and more about prepping.  Meaning preparing for a “meltdown” in the U.S..  I must admit that many of these prepper people have some cool stuff.


But, there’s typically something missing in what I see in their preparations.  Specifically the missing item is often physical fitness.  Anyone that has spent anytime in the military knows that body preparation is as important as anything else.  In fact, it is crucial.  A person can have all of the coolest new gear, bags, plans, etc.  But, if they can’t physically move when the situation dictates a move then the boxes and bags of stuff are worthless.


I’ve been in the ‘get moving now’ situations.  It is physically and mentally taxing.  Having all of the ‘stuff’ packed and by the door is great.  But, let me say it again:  if you can’t carry it more than 100 yards then you’ve missed the most important key to survival.  A person in a survival situation must, MUST, be prepared on all levels.  IMHO the physical and mental aspects are the most important.


This brings me to the most important aspect of being prepared for any situation.  Be it some catastrophic event or just the normal twists and turns of life.  The most important aspect in prepping is my connection to God.  The promises from God in the bible are more than clear that He has your back in every situation.  He may not keep you living in a luxurious situation, but He will keep you.


Let’s think about this with extreme clarity.  If you are a Christian, meaning you have accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour, then you have the creator of the universe by your side.  This is the absolutely most important part of being prepared.




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