Is the debt clock just for fun?

US national debt clock / billboard. Picture wa...

US national debt clock / billboard. Picture was taken on April 19 so add approx. $1.5 billion per day to get current amount. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I watch the national news, doesn’t matter what station, and occasionally they cut away to the debt clock.   One thing is always true with that counter:  the numbers are always going up.  Not just going up, flying up.


I have to wonder as the various politicians on every side argue back and forth on what to spend money on and what not to, do they ever stop to look at that counter?  Do they see that there is no money to spend?  How can they continue to think they can borrow from the future when as a country we are so incredibly far into the negative.


This is no longer a partisan issue.  It’s not about helping the poor or protecting the rich.  It’s not about saving the middle class, lower class, higher class or head of the class.  This is about we as a country being broke.


Let me state this very clearly:  WE DON’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TO SPEND!  It’s done, over, kaput.  What was once blessed by God as the most powerful nation in the world is now beholden to dangerous people and countries because of our debt.


In our house I handle the money.  If our bank account is zero I don’t go to anyone and say “you need to give us more money so we can keep spending.”  Whoever they would be would laugh me out of the room!  If our account is zero, we don’t spend.  The End.  I could switch over and start piling on debt to credit cards, but that’s going to end at some point.  When it does end we’ll be in even more trouble than if we would have just lived in the truth of our situation.


Shut down the damn government if that’s what it takes!!!!  Do something other than pretend everything is fine while you keep finding ways to spend even more!  I don’t really care at this point what issues are important to you as a politician.  I don’t care what empty promises you made in order to get elected.  It’s time to face the music.  Stop spending money that doesn’t exist!!!!



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