Where’s the Jesus?

I had a family emergency on this prechurch Sunday morning. We were out of coffee creamer. As the man of the house, it was my duty to fix this dire situation, so off to Kroger I went. I found my parking space at Kroger and that’s when the true danger started. That’s when I have to navigate through the ‘I’m late for Sunday school’ crowd. I start by dodging cars in the parking lot. Then it’s time to dodge and weave through aggressive cart pushers on the inside.
Jodi, my wife, and I are not going to make it to church this morning. We’re both fighting colds, or some similar crud. Anyways, I made it to the inside of the store. The curiously missing smiles that I found outside are also jetting around on the inside. No good mornings, no smiles, no kindness or courtesy.
In short, if I didn’t know Jesus already I don’t think I’d find Him in this crowd. That’s a problem. A person could accuse me of being judgemental with this post. That’s ok. Accuse me as long as you will take a look at yourself and make sure that Jesus can be seen in you. Is his light shining through you? If not, then either ask God to help you with this, or make sure you get your shopping done on Saturday night.


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