Finding the perfect light

English: Public path near Fiddington I was goi...

English: Public path near Fiddington I was going to go for the shot of the Motorway, but the colours in the bushes caught my eye. The light wasn’t perfect however the photograph captures the feel of the path drawing you in… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I make and sell bullet jewelry.  You can find my site at if you’re interested.  But, I’m always trying to find the perfect lighting to take a picture of something I’ve made.  I don’t want to spend the money on things that are made for this, so I continue to hunt.


I was thinking about that issue this morning when God gave me a new thought.  He has provided the perfect light for all of us.  A light that guides our paths in the right directions.  It may not feel like the right direction sometimes.  Life happens and occasionally it seems as if we’re totally in the dark.  If you know Jesus, then I promise you that your not in the dark.


You or I may not be able to see past what’s right in front of us, but God can and does.  He knows where He’s going.  He knows the right ways.  All we have to do is follow.  I know what you’re thinking, because I think it too.  It’s easier said than done.  And that’s true.  But, the truth remains that His ways are better than our ways.


So, how do we stay on a path that we don’t always see?  I guess trust and faith are the only answers.  Trust that God is guiding your steps.  We may misstep sometimes.  That’s to be expected from a blind creature.  But God also knows this fact.  He’s not setting by watching you or I like a hawk waiting for you to make a mistake so He can pounce.  He’s guiding and teaching.  Sometimes from a distance, and sometimes He just picks us up and carries us along the right ways.


I don’t like missing the path.  In fact I hate it.  But, I’m glad the my Dad is there to pick me up when I fall.







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