Is the debt clock just for fun?

US national debt clock / billboard. Picture wa...

US national debt clock / billboard. Picture was taken on April 19 so add approx. $1.5 billion per day to get current amount. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I watch the national news, doesn’t matter what station, and occasionally they cut away to the debt clock.   One thing is always true with that counter:  the numbers are always going up.  Not just going up, flying up.


I have to wonder as the various politicians on every side argue back and forth on what to spend money on and what not to, do they ever stop to look at that counter?  Do they see that there is no money to spend?  How can they continue to think they can borrow from the future when as a country we are so incredibly far into the negative.


This is no longer a partisan issue.  It’s not about helping the poor or protecting the rich.  It’s not about saving the middle class, lower class, higher class or head of the class.  This is about we as a country being broke.


Let me state this very clearly:  WE DON’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TO SPEND!  It’s done, over, kaput.  What was once blessed by God as the most powerful nation in the world is now beholden to dangerous people and countries because of our debt.


In our house I handle the money.  If our bank account is zero I don’t go to anyone and say “you need to give us more money so we can keep spending.”  Whoever they would be would laugh me out of the room!  If our account is zero, we don’t spend.  The End.  I could switch over and start piling on debt to credit cards, but that’s going to end at some point.  When it does end we’ll be in even more trouble than if we would have just lived in the truth of our situation.


Shut down the damn government if that’s what it takes!!!!  Do something other than pretend everything is fine while you keep finding ways to spend even more!  I don’t really care at this point what issues are important to you as a politician.  I don’t care what empty promises you made in order to get elected.  It’s time to face the music.  Stop spending money that doesn’t exist!!!!



Where’s the Jesus?

I had a family emergency on this prechurch Sunday morning. We were out of coffee creamer. As the man of the house, it was my duty to fix this dire situation, so off to Kroger I went. I found my parking space at Kroger and that’s when the true danger started. That’s when I have to navigate through the ‘I’m late for Sunday school’ crowd. I start by dodging cars in the parking lot. Then it’s time to dodge and weave through aggressive cart pushers on the inside.
Jodi, my wife, and I are not going to make it to church this morning. We’re both fighting colds, or some similar crud. Anyways, I made it to the inside of the store. The curiously missing smiles that I found outside are also jetting around on the inside. No good mornings, no smiles, no kindness or courtesy.
In short, if I didn’t know Jesus already I don’t think I’d find Him in this crowd. That’s a problem. A person could accuse me of being judgemental with this post. That’s ok. Accuse me as long as you will take a look at yourself and make sure that Jesus can be seen in you. Is his light shining through you? If not, then either ask God to help you with this, or make sure you get your shopping done on Saturday night.

Finding the perfect light

English: Public path near Fiddington I was goi...

English: Public path near Fiddington I was going to go for the shot of the Motorway, but the colours in the bushes caught my eye. The light wasn’t perfect however the photograph captures the feel of the path drawing you in… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I make and sell bullet jewelry.  You can find my site at if you’re interested.  But, I’m always trying to find the perfect lighting to take a picture of something I’ve made.  I don’t want to spend the money on things that are made for this, so I continue to hunt.


I was thinking about that issue this morning when God gave me a new thought.  He has provided the perfect light for all of us.  A light that guides our paths in the right directions.  It may not feel like the right direction sometimes.  Life happens and occasionally it seems as if we’re totally in the dark.  If you know Jesus, then I promise you that your not in the dark.


You or I may not be able to see past what’s right in front of us, but God can and does.  He knows where He’s going.  He knows the right ways.  All we have to do is follow.  I know what you’re thinking, because I think it too.  It’s easier said than done.  And that’s true.  But, the truth remains that His ways are better than our ways.


So, how do we stay on a path that we don’t always see?  I guess trust and faith are the only answers.  Trust that God is guiding your steps.  We may misstep sometimes.  That’s to be expected from a blind creature.  But God also knows this fact.  He’s not setting by watching you or I like a hawk waiting for you to make a mistake so He can pounce.  He’s guiding and teaching.  Sometimes from a distance, and sometimes He just picks us up and carries us along the right ways.


I don’t like missing the path.  In fact I hate it.  But, I’m glad the my Dad is there to pick me up when I fall.






God never quits

God never fails you or quits on you. It may feel like He’s bailed at times. But He has not. These are the times when you and I must trust Him. These are the opportunities to test your reliance on Him.
I fall short on this trust more than I’d like to admit.

Christian and afraid of the end?

I’m often confused when they say something like this: “I’m not ready for Jesus to return. I’m too young, etc.”. My only response is “huh!?!?!?”

If you’ve accepted Jesus, but don’t want Him to take you home yet then something’s wrong. I can see hoping for a delay if you have loved ones that are not saved yet. But other than that, nothing on this earth can match eternity with God.

This is a short post, but else can I say? What about you? Do you dread Christs return?

Are we racing to the end?

     I know that I’m not the only one that has a funny feeling about the conditions in our country and the world as a whole.  I’m not just talking about the big things, like the possibility of war in Syria.  I’m talking about even the actions and attitudes of individual people.  

      Something’s wrong and everyone knows it, even if they aren’t willing to admit it.  I know the world has had many wars before.  Many times of strife and upheaval.  I’m thinking more about the general attitudes and actions of the average person on the street.  Very few people seem to care about whose around them as long as they get what they want.  That could be money or just the closer parking spot.  It’s not pretty.  

     I was hoping for a while that it was just me.  I hoped that I was just letting things get to me.  But, the more I look and listen to everyone and everything, I see that I’m not alone in this feeling.  Things are out of whack.  Many Christian churches are no longer strong in the spirit.  Many individual christians aren’t faring any better.  Please don’t be offended by this if you are a Christian.  I am one too.  Rather than be offended, open your bible, go to God, and ask Him to show you where you may be falling into this trap.  Ask Him to make you stand out in the crowd.  That every person with  an open heart will meet Jesus through you.  

     I’ve never been one to think that the end is near, until now.  I know that things could still be much worse than they are now.  But how much worse will it get for Christ returns?  That is a question that neither you, nor I can answer.  If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your savior, then now’s the time.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.