Why do gun owners feel guilt?

Glock model 22 (.40 S&W) in the new olive drab...

Glock model 22 (.40 S&W) in the new olive drab frame (with magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I watched a video on youtube this morning from Mr. Colion Noir.  He had a great point that I hadn’t really put into concrete thought or words.  Because of current social waves I was feeling that the fact that I own a gun was something to be hidden.  Almost something to feel ashamed of, or guilt.


But why?  I have done everything required by law in order to own a gun.  I’ve had training, extensive training, in its use.  I’ve had training and practice in safety practices.  I feel a strong desire to protect my family and those that may be around me.  So why do I feel any guilt?


I’ll tell you why.  It’s because I fell into the trap that has been created by those that are antigun for a variety of reasons.  I let the words of a few get into my head.  A vehicle is as deadly as a gun, but yet I feel no guilt for driving.  Knives can inflict great bodily harm and death, but one of our kitchen drawers are full of them.  Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive, but I go to the gas station with no permit from anyone.  No background checks.  No concealment requirement to carry a gas can to the gas station.


I can drive less than a mile from my house to Target.  For much less money than one gun and no government permits, I can buy bats, knives, hammers, screw drivers, rope, etc.  All of these items can be deadly weapons.  But, I feel no guilt and society doesn’t try to give me any.


So, why is there gun guilt?



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