Weapon carry confusion

     I have a permit to carry my pistol in Georgia.  I’ve always found the verbage in  these laws a little confusing.  Is it open carry, meaning it can be seen?  Or concealed carry only?  Will you go to jail if the weapon is accidentally seen by someone?  And on and on the questions go.  It has turned into a very murky topic.  Of course, government wording in laws doesn’t help.  

     I spent several years as a police officer.  Believe me when I say, many of the laws are so vague, or in such confusing language that even the police don’t always know for sure what crime fits the bill, or if something’s a crime at all.  

     Georgia’s weapon carry law is no exception to that confusion rule.  The permit is called a weapons permit.  Not a concealed carry permit.  Not a pistol permit.  Not an open carry permit, etc.  Just a weapons permit.  So, open carry is permitted in Georgia with the permit.  But, who else knows that?  Does the lady at the grocery store know?  Or is she going to hit the deck in Kroger if she catches a glimpse of you Glock?  

     In my opinion, the media doesn’t help.  They don’t do a good job, in my opinion, of relaying clear and concise information.  Especially when it comes to any kind of firearm.  They often say enough to grab attention, but never fully explain or cover all of the details.  Of course, explaining all of the pertinent details may hurt ratings by making a story a little less controversial.  

     I guess that one good reason for all law abiding gun owners to work on educating those in their sphere on what is right and what is wrong.  


3 comments on “Weapon carry confusion

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  2. Curious at your timing, yesterday I was watching numerous youtube videos on open carry and how the police don’t know the laws so those legally carrying openly are getting harrased, arrested, and being treated like terrorists.

    I personally believe that concealed is better then open for basic etiquette and peace of mind for both carrier and public. But it is legal and many problems arise from ignorance.

    • I think concealed is the better option as well. During my years as a police officer, those that carried openly made me nervous. I know that was their right, they just always drew my attention more than anyone else.

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