Alien Gear Holster Review

Alien Gear

Alien Gear

I’ve been looking for a new concealed carry holster for a Ruger LC9.  One that would be light weight, but still sturdy enough to hold up and, most importantly, comfortable to wear.  I’ve seen several online ads for Alien Gear holsters as I’ve been looking around.

Honestly, my favorite holster is a Blackhawk Retention Holster.  But, it’s not an inside the waistband carry and therefore it’s difficult to conceal.  I have one for a Glock 27 but it doesn’t get used very often because of the bulk.  Anyone that’s carried a pistol in their waistband for any length of time knows that it can be quite the uncomfortable experience.

I like the Versacarry holster because of its light weight and small size, but it comes up lacking when it comes to keeping the pistol in place.

So, with that all said I decided to try an Alien Gear Holster.  They’re inexpensive, below $30.  And, at first glance it appears to be durable.  The back is a pliable leather, the waste band clips are steel and the holster is molded kydex.  Steel bolts connect everything together.  It’s very light weight.

I gave it the ultimate test for me.  Will it stay in place and not pull my shorts off when I’m wearing athletic style shorts.  Answer:  It passed the test.  Granted, if I was running, jumping, etc, then the athletic shorts probably don’t have enough strength to hold it up.  But, that’s a problem with the clothing, not the holster.  It was very comfortable to wear.  Doesn’t move unless the clothing it’s attached to moves, and held the pistol securely.

Obviously, I’ve got more to do to make sure that it’s all that they say it is.  But, at first glance I’m impressed.  Here’s there web page if you want to take a look:  .  One last thing, no, I don’t work for Alien Gear nor do I get anything if you buy one of their holsters.  This is just my opinion post.


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