Never too late to make mistakes

Bullet ear ring

For various reasons I grew up believing that mistakes of any size were unacceptable.  I do mean unacceptable.  This belief continued to follow me into adulthood.  In fact it was enforced even more in adulthood.  As a soldier and police officer mistakes could make the difference between life and death.  Come to think of it, it was the same at times when I was a child.

I’ve recently started making jewelry out of my bullet casings that I collect after I go to the shooting range.  I was asked to make a set of ear rings for my cousin for her wedding.  They needed to have a rather specific, rustic look.  I gathered the parts and went to work.  I used some rub n buff on the them for a more antique look.  As I was rubbing off the excess, some of the color I had just applied started to come off in patches.  I thought they were ruined.  I knew I had just screwed them up and these were the only parts I had for this specific pair.

Disappointed as I was in myself, I went ahead and sent them to her with my apologies.  I let her know that I would not be offended if she got rid of them.  How wrong I was.  She got them today and loved them.  She took no time to post them to Facebook and say how excited she was with them.

I’m in my 40’s now and I’m learning that mistakes can be ok.  Sometimes what we perceive as a horrific error can turn out to be just what was needed.


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