What is a gun free zone for?

lawsuit lotto

lawsuit lotto (Photo credit: Shira Golding)


My wife showed me a window sign from a store today that stated it was a ‘gun free zone‘.  What exactly does that mean?   Does anyone really believe that such a sign is going to deter a criminal that is coming in to rob or murder?  Or, is it just a legal statement meant to protect the store from lawsuits in the case of a shooting.


I thinks it’s the latter.  I really have a hard time believing that any company believes that putting a “no gun” sign on a door or window will stop a bad guy from carrying out their misdeed.  Who in their right mind thinks that a sign will stop a criminal?  There are already laws, police, and prisons for handle such things and crime still happens everyday in every place.


I believe a business or store displaying these signs is going for two things.  First, they are trying to cater to a specific clientele.  They believe that anti-gun people outnumber pro-gun people.  So, they put up a sign that gives an anti-gunner a false sense of security.  Or at least it tells them that “hey, anti-gun dude or dudette, we put up a sign.  You’re safe here and we’re on your side.  Now buy our stuff.”


Second, and probably closer to the truth.  A business puts up one of these ‘no gun’ signs to try to protect themselves from a lawsuit.  Here’s the scenario in today’s America:


A person goes into a store or restaurant with their child.  An idiot comes in to steal or kill and uses a gun, most likely illegally obtained, and pulls the trigger.  Patrons and/or employees of the business are hurt or killed.  It’s totally wrong in my opinion, but sometime afterward a family member of one of the victims will file a lawsuit against the business for failing to protect their injured or killed family member.  It goes to court and somehow a judge or jury decides that in the name of political correctness the business is liable for failing to provide adequate protection for its customers.  Unfortunately, these kinds of idiotic lawsuits are allowed to go on everyday for this type of situation and a million other reasons.


So, are these ‘gun free’ signs helpful to the public at large?  No.  They are a gimmick used for the reasons I stated above and no other.  The most unfortunate thing is that lawful gun owners, many of whom believe it is their duty to protect those around them, will not be around to stop an insane person from doing their evil deeds.  Gun free patrons of the business will have to hope that they can hide long enough for the police to arrive.


If a ‘gun free’ business were to say they are a gun free zone, and then hire more than one armed guard to be in the building during all open hours, then by all means put up signs to your hearts content.  Because the business has provided a replacement for a citizen with a weapon.  But, this is not or at least rarely going to happen.  If it does happen, you and I are going to pay for it with higher prices.  Again, this scenario is a win-win for the store.  They’re able to justify charging more and have reduced their liability to fraudulent lawsuits.


In closing, this is what I will do when I come upon a gun free zone.  I will take my gun and my business elsewhere.  If the business did hire armed security, do you really believe that they have gone out and hired the best of the best?  I think not.  They consulted with their attorneys and then hired the cheapest security they could find.  After all, if they hired highly trained security, then they might as well take their chances with a lawsuit.  It might cost less in the long term.  So, do what you want.  If you believe that the political statement of a gun free zone is worth your life, then go for it.  If you believe that it is your right and responsibility to be prepared to protect yourself and those around you, then go to a business that actually wants you.




2 comments on “What is a gun free zone for?

  1. Not a gimmick at all and ties in to Private Property Rights. GA REALTORS helped to pass this legislation so that individual private property owners had a say in whether they allowed guns on their premises. Some businesses do not want the legal liability, yes that is part of it, some businesses/organizations have other reasons, to include not liking guns in general, which is their right. More than anything, this allows control of the property to remain with the property owners and preserves their rights to use their land as they see fit. For example, if a Bar Owner does not want guns on their premises for any reason unless by a uniformed PO so they can head off potential problems, they have that right…many bars already ban guns so this may be a bad example. If someone is opposed to guns in general, they have the right to not allow them on their land, the 2nd Amendment does not strip us of Private Property Rights and we can still, as a consumer, decide where to do business. I personally will do business with the business that provides the best products and services, their belief on guns is irrelevant, unless I am seeking gun advice or seeking to purchase a weapon.

    • I have no problem with a property owners rights. They can say no males under 5′ and I think it’s still their right as the owner of private property. But, I do question the recent increase in such signs. Please don’t be offended, but I think some groups, including realtors, sometimes use their status and backing to overstep their bounds.

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