Running or walking app for PTSD

Wounded Warrior Project

Wounded Warrior Project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I like the C25K app for managing my PTSD symptoms.  It’s an app that I use on the treadmill.  The cardio really, really helps me not only feel better, but it helps tremendously with my PTSD symptoms.


Currently I use the app above, but I wish someone like the Wounded Warrior Project would create one that is geared towards PTSD sufferers, survivors, warriors, etc.


Does anyone know someone in that organization that would be a good contact to talk about such a thing?  I currently don’t know how to build an app.  If I can’t get help from a larger organization, then maybe I’ll have to attempt to do it myself.


Any help with either of the avenues with would be greatly appreciated.




Soldier of Christ




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