New Facebook page for PTSD

A few months ago I operated a Facebook page dedicated to PTSD and the struggles that go with it.  I closed the page when people started talking about how dangerous returning military members could be and how PTSD makes them worse.  Of course, this information was over exaggerated and much of it was just false.  I gave in to the fear of being found by our government.

I have decided today, after another massive round of panic attacks in my sleep last night, that God has given me an opportunity to share my struggles, His grace, and ways that may help others.  I’m no longer bowing down to what some who are ill informed may think.  You think I’m dangerous?  Fine, continue to think that.  Maybe that will mean you leave me alone.

For those that either suffer from PTSD, know someone who does, or who are genuinely interested in learning, the new page on Facebook is here: .



2 comments on “New Facebook page for PTSD

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