Lead away from God by self reliance

I watching the news today and was half paying attention to a story about college graduation rates, or something like that.  Like I said, I wasn’t paying much attention to it.  But it got me to thinking about self reliance.  Here in the U.S. the value of hard work and the benefits of it are espoused everywhere you turn.  Work hard in high school and you can go to a good college.  Work hard in college and you’ll get a good job.  Work hard at your good job and you can afford the good life.  Work hard at your good job and then you can have a good retirement.

What I don’t hear spoken of much is the value of reliance on God.  Don’t get me wrong, the Bible is very clear about not being lazy.  But it does not say that the end all, be all of a persons existence rests totally on their shoulders.

I think we all have a tendency to take the standard American advice and treat God as more of a passenger than the driver.  The bible doesn’t teach that we should all head in our own directions and God will be there to fund the journey.  It says clearly that He is the leader.  We are followers.  We are to rely on Him for everything.  Not just what we can’t handle on our own.

I need to learn this lesson as much as anyone.


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