Dog tags for PTSD

A picture I took of myself wearing dog tags I ...

A picture I took of myself wearing dog tags I bought, custom-made in an Army Surplus Store in Montreal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes with PTSD, the symptoms can get bad enough that they may resemble signs of a stroke or heart attack.  I don’t want to be accidentally treated for either of those.

The other day a friend a mine suggested that I get a set of dog tags made as a type of i.d. bracelet.  So I went online and ordered a dog tag with my name, dob, PTSD, and my wife’s name and number.  I figure as long as they can reach her, then they can get all of the other info they need.

I thought about just going to the pet store and using their machine to create a tag, but the metal those machines use is a little thicker aluminum than a normal dog tag.  I wanted as little weight as possible, so online was the way to go.  You could also order a set from many military surplus locations that would be the same metal and weight of standard military issue dog tags.  If you’re going to order a pair, I think the weight is better on the stamped tag as opposed to the engraved one.


2 comments on “Dog tags for PTSD

  1. Can you post a link to a place to do this. I used to have a set for the same reason. I’ve moved six times since then, so the info is outdated. Thanks for the reminder that I need to update it! 🙂

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