Will your church attendance show?

It’s Saturday night. Only 10 hours or so before millions of Christians in America will get up, get ready, and head to God’s house. Afterwards, many of those millions will engage in friendly, although sometimes unwanted, small talk before high tailing it to their favorite after church lunch spot.

This is where many Christians will fall flat on their face in their walk with Christ. It may show in inconsiderate driving. It may show when many ignore all others as they herd their crew into the Olive Garden entrance. It may show when they treat the restaurant staff like nameless servants. It may even show in a minuscule or non-existent tip.

Speak to anyone who has worked in a server role on a Sunday afternoon, and if they’re willing to be honest they will tell you that Sunday afternoons are one of the worst days because of the church crowd.

(Warning: here’s where I get a little annoyed.)

Dear fellow Christians, Wake the Hell Up!!!!!! The world has grown accustomed to the poor behavior of Sunday Christians. They don’t see the light of Christ, they see many self absorbed asses who would rather judge their server than ever think of trying to win them to Christ through example. It is only because of the overworking of the Holy Spirit that we haven’t totally ruined the work of those dedicated Christians who’ve come before us.

If you don’t want to carry Jesus with you out of church and into the world, then please change into some sweats before you hit the town after church. That way maybe they won’t make the Christian connection.



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