Modern methods of Christian persecution

English: Persecution of the Christians

English: Persecution of the Christians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s there were many warnings from various preachers on the coming persecution of Christians in the United States.  Like most, I believed this persecution would be like biblical times.  I was looking for a time when the persecution of Christians would resemble something akin to the actions of the Romans during Jesus’ time.

I think I, and many were a little off target in what we were expecting.  The persecution of Christians, in my view, has begun in earnest.  The surprise is that it is much quieter and slower than expected.  So quiet in fact that I don’t think many Christians even see what’s happening.  The methods appear to be and have been much stealthier than what I thought they would be.  Honestly, I think it would have been easier to take a stand for many Christians if they actually recognized what was happening.

It appears that the modern methods of Christian persecution are driven by the guise of political correctness and acceptance.  Look at the world around you and take some time to think and pray about what you see.  God has been removed from all public schools.  Actually from all public life in general.  A Christian who does not accept particular sins is now labeled as ignorant, or as part of a hate group.

Many Christian churches have been infiltrated by a politicly correct version of the gospel.  A version that says it’s no longer about Jesus, it’s about being nice.  Churches are popping up that appear from the outside to be a traditional Christian house of God.  But a closer look reveals that what is being taught is polytheism, or even self worship.  Many of these false teachings will sprinkle in enough of God and Jesus to lead the unprepared Christian off of the true path.  Then there are some of these ‘churches’ that are slowly getting bolder.  As their strength grows, they no longer try so hard to hide their true beliefs.  They don’t have to because anyone who speaks against them is now labeled as intolerant and shamed back into the shadows.

Will the current persecution stay peaceful for long?  I don’t know for sure, but I doubt it.  If you’ll take a look at other countries, you’ll see that Christian persecution is in full swing and much more violent.  It would be my guess that as the persecution movement grows stronger that things will grow more blatant and possibly violent. The time for Christians to just sit in a church pew one hour per week have ended.  It’s time to prepare yourselves to choose whom you will serve.  Does this all sound conspiratorial or exaggerated to you?  I’m fine with that.  The only thing I ask is that you do your own praying and research.  Ask God to open your eyes to the truths around you.


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