What happened to personal responsibility?


bartender (Photo credit: macwagen)


I try to avoid talk shows, but I got a small part of one today.  They were discussing the news of the day and debating their responses.  One of the stories was about a bartender who was fired for calling the police on a drunk patron that was getting ready to leave the bar.  She was fired for it.  This is wrong in so many ways.


But the discussion the panel got into was about how the bartender was right and if she had not done it and the customer went out and drove drunk, then got into an accident, the bar owner should be sued.


My question is why?  Why is it our new society norm to find as many people as possible to blame for every thing that happens?  What if the drinker in question had started his or her alcohol consumption at another bar or at home.  What if they only had one drink in the bar and then left?  The bartender or owner would most likely not know the condition of that person when they arrived.


But, let’s look at the bigger picture.  Why does our country need someone to blame for everything that happens?  If the blame lies simply on the person who committed an act, then fine, blame away.  But, trying to follow a chain of unwitting contributors to an event is rather insane.  Unless each person in that chain knew what final outcome they were trying to achieve, they are just bystanders like everyone else.  We might as well sue Hostess for making people fat.


It seems we’re at a point where everyone wants to place blame, but no one wants to accept it.  Anyone who feels slighted in the least way now wants revenge.  Yes, in many cases it’s about revenge.  Making a person pay for their sins, or accidents,  in the harshest way allowed.  I’m feeling that if public stonings were still allowed, we’d see them quite often.  Many speak loudly about equality, forgiveness, understanding and the like.  But very few are attempting to put these words into action.


I’m really growing weary of seeing the negative in our world, but it seems that it has gotten almost inescapable.  Hopefully, God will respond to the prayers of the few.





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