Why I won’t carry a 22 as a defensive gun

English: Subcompact Glock 26 with tritium nigh...

English: Subcompact Glock 26 with tritium night sights and aftermarket Pearce-brand grip extender in 9x19mm Parabellum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been going back and forth on which gun I should carry as a defensive weapon.  By the way, yes I have a carry permit, have gone through all of the background checks and have years of experience with various guns.

I know all about how a 22LR does not have the stopping power of larger rounds and all of that.  Honestly, in most situations, the mere presence of a gun is a reliable deterrent to crime.  I also have a Glock 27 which is obviously heavier than my Ruger SR22 and the weight difference was making me lean towards the .22 for everyday carry.

Up until today, I had never had any misfires on the range with the ruger.  I always use higher quality ammunition in it and have never had a problem.  But, today I had three fail to fires.  I simply pulled the trigger a second time on each of these and they fired.  But, do I want to trust my life or the life of others to a possible failure when it counts?  I do not.

I love my .22 at the range.  It’s fun to shoot and the ammo is cheaper.  But, it will no longer be a carry weapon for me.  My Glock has fired a lot more rounds without ever failing to fire.  That is the dependability I need in a possible life or death situation.  So the .22 will still go to the range quite often, but that’s it.  Only the Glock gets to go out with me when I’m not heading to the range.

Maybe some kind soul will buy me a Beretta Nano to cut down on the carry weight.  🙂


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