Keep a well rounded prayer list

English: iPad (center), original iPhone (top l...

English: iPad (center), original iPhone (top left), iPhone 3G (white and black), magic mouse (bottom right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I keep a prayer list on apple notes.  It’s always updated on my iPad, iPhone, and Mac.  I’ve also used Evernote for the same.  I look at it and pray several times a day.


It’s important though to keep it well rounded.  It’s easy to get into a habit of only praying for those things that we need or are bothering us at the moment.  Talking to God about our needs is not wrong.  God tells us to do this.  But, we also need to pray about those things we are thankful for.  We need to pray for our neighbors, whether we know what they need or not.  We should pray for those people that we don’t know that we hear stories about.   Those in Boston come to mind right now.


Your prayer list doesn’t have to be long or short.  It also doesn’t need to be detailed.  Just list bullet point reminders.  God already knows what’s coming.  What He asks from us is obedience and dependence.  Maybe an app doesn’t work for you.  Then use a piece of paper.  Write it on your hand.  Whatever works for you.  The point is that we are to be praying for all things, good and bad, on a continual basis.  Keep your line of communication with God open and talk about everything.  God won’t get tired of hearing from you.




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