Why isn’t the health food store a happy place?

My wife and I stopped by the organic, health food grocery store today. The usual Saturday crowd was there. Mostly those one might consider urban hippies if you were looking for a quick description. We don’t go there often because it’s on the pricey side.
I noticed something on this bright sunny Saturday that I hadn’t caught before. Most of the shoppers seemed to be rather unhappy. I could tell by the appearance of most of the shoppers that they have totally bought into the healthy living, love the earth above all else life style. I’m not condemning the choice, just making an observation.
I was intrigued by something though. Most of the shoppers were frowning and very self absorbed. I attempted to say hello to a few, with no response. They just looked through me and kept on their frantic way. So why, if earth friendly healthy living is the way, did I not find more happy engaged people?
Just a question and observation that I had today.


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