Should Christians avoid all violence?

Surprised Burglar

Surprised Burglar (Photo credit: R Scott Photography)


I’m kind of on a rampage this morning after an online attack on my faith in Jesus.  I have a simple question to ask.  You may not know the answer, but it’s something worth thinking about.


Should Christians avoid all violence?  Take the time to think through many possible scenarios before answering.  What if you witnessed a child in a park being attacked by an adult predator?  Which is right?  To watch and pray from a distance, or to use force to stop the attack?


You’re walking down a city street and see a young woman being dragged into an alley by a rapist.  Again, the question is this: call 911 and then stand at a distance and pray, or use force to try to save her?


You’re in the park with your child.  You have a pistol and a carry permit.  A white  van pulls up, a man jumps out and grabs your child and heads for his van.  Should you call 911 and then stand back and yell help, or do you use whatever force is at your disposal to save your child?


You’re at home with your family.  Suddenly a unknown man kicks in your front door and enters your house wielding a crow bar.  Do you call 911 and hope the police can get there in time?  Or do you use whatever means you have to defend yourself and your family?


Please give me your honest answer.  Is it better to watch evil have it’s way, or to use force to try to stop it?



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