My Fitness Pal app helping PTSD

Day 226 +198/366 AND Day 2052:  Logging My Bre...

Day 226 +198/366 AND Day 2052: Logging My Breakfast in MyFitnessPal (Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)


PTSD really screws with my body as a whole.  It doesn’t just affect your thinking, it also seem to affect other body functions.


One of these for me has been with my metabolism.  During most every day there are times when I’m wide awake and energized, times when I can barely stay awake, times when I’m subdued and so on.  It’s a cycle that I go through almost every day.


As you may be able to imagine, this up and down cycle can really mess with normal metabolism.  It makes weight gain yet another issue to monitor.  As if I don’t have enough to track already to stay as healthy as I can be.


So i’ve started trying a new set of apps on my iPhone, iPad, and online today.  The main app is called My Fitness Pal.  It allows you to track all food intake, water intake and weight.  It has thousands of food items already built in and food can be added if they’re not already in the data base.  You set your weight, goal weight, age, height, etc. and it will give you the number of calories for a day and allows you to enter what you eat to keep track.


But, it gets better.  To go along with My Fitness Pal are exercise tracking apps that will communicate back to My Fitness Pal.  Currently, I’m using the Pedometer, push up, and sit up apps.  After I complete a workout with one of these apps, it automatically syncs back to My Fitness Pal and marks those calories burned for the day.  Of course you can also manually enter any exercise and it will do the same.


I’ve played around with the apps before, but have never been seriously consistent.  I’m going to change that this time.  Let me know if you have used these or have some other way that works for you.








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