Sunday lunch witness, or not

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

Going out to lunch on Sunday after church is a common tradition for many.  It is for us and has been for many years.  There’s something that has always bothered my wife and I though.  My wife, son and daughter have all worked in the restaurant industry as servers at some point.

Unfortunately, they’ve each had the same experience on Sunday afternoons.  That’s when the Sunday church goers come for lunch. The Sunday crowd is often not a friendly crowd.  They’re often demanding and poor tippers.  My wife has actually seen bible tracts left as tips instead of any money at all.

This situation is one of those that just burns me up like no other.  For a person or family to go spend time with God in church and then go out and act sometimes worse than those that never stepped foot in God’s house is absolutely unacceptable.  What should be is that sunday workers look forward to that Sunday crowd because they are full of the holy spirit and therefore full of God’s joy, peace and generosity.

But instead they often see examples of why they would never want to be a Christian if they’re not already.  When you or I go out after church we should be some of the best witnesses.  We should exude Jesus all over the place.  If that is not the case, then we have a heart problem, or maybe a church problem.  Or both.

The world is watching closely.  If we truly have Jesus living in us, then it should show.  Not just in our Sunday activities or our church clothes.  But in every action we take.  Peace, love, charity, kindness, concern for others.  These are the things that people should be seeing.

So here’s my advice:  leave the bible track in your car and instead leave Jesus with the person.  Tip well, be concerned with the staff at the restaurant.  Take the time to talk to them.  Take the time to smile.  In short, just see them and care for them as Jesus does for you.  If a person can see Jesus in you, then that is a better witness for Jesus than any pamphlet ever will be.  The world at large needs to see and know Jesus and He has left that job up to you and I.  He will help us live up to that task if we will be mindful, willing and obedient.


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