Why I won’t use gunbroker.com again

High-velocity, copper-plated .22 LR rounds

High-velocity, copper-plated .22 LR rounds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I like to go to the gun range, but some rounds are getting hard to find.  They’re definitely hard to find at local stores.  So, there are a few places online that I buy from when what I need is available.


Last week I looked at a couple of my usual online stores for .22LR ammo, and both were still out.  This has been the case for a few weeks now.  Ammunition of all kinds is being bought up so quickly by the government and private citizens that it’s turned into luck of the draw when it comes to finding the right stuff.


I had seen ads for gunbroker.com during some of my online searches.  I did some reading and the site is kind of like an Ebay for guns and ammunition.  Don’t worry, any guns that are bought must still go through proper FFL channels for a purchase.  Anyways, I found a good price on an auction for the .22 rounds that I needed.  I placed a bid, did the back and forth bidding and won.  Yay me!  Or so I thought.  I paid for the rounds through ebay and then nothing.  I finally got a response from the seller saying that I still needed to pay.  I provided proof that I had already paid and the seller said all was well.


It’s been a few days now and I haven’t heard anything more from the seller and haven’t received the rounds.   I’ve tried to contact the seller with no response.  Stupid me, I assumed that there would be some type of safety or recourse on the gunbroker.com website.  I was incorrect in my assumption.  When I went to the site to look for help, what I found is that the most gunbroker will help is to allow me to leave negative feedback.  Nothing more.  Leaving bad feedback may make a person feel better, but that does not get your money back.


Hopefully, I can get this resolved either by receiving what I bought or getting a refund, but I for one will never use the site again. There are too many shady characters out there to do business online without some type of protection or recourse from the site that the business is done through.  Maybe my experience is rare, I don’t know.  But I won’t test those waters again.




2 comments on “Why I won’t use gunbroker.com again

  1. Nothing about this makes any sense. First off you paid through ebay. What does that mean, ebay and gunbroker are in no way connected. If your saying you used paypal, then you broke some serious paypal policies. You can have your account shut down for life by using paypal to pay for any gun or ammo related item.
    Now you should only be buying from someone that has a good amount of positive feedback. Fraud is extremely rare on gunbroker. Gunbroker also has a buyer protection program. I have been buying and selling on gunbroker for quite some time with no complaints, it is one of the best websites on the net.

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