It’s called good friday for a reason


Golgotha (Photo credit: R~P~M)


Good Friday.  Not just another Friday that’s good because it’s the start of another weekend.  It’s good friday for a reason.


It’s Good Friday because on this day so many years ago your debt was paid.  Mine too.  The way to God was made clear.  Hell was defeated once and for all.  We were all reconciled to God.  The reasons for fear and worry were destroyed.  No other event in human history did more than what Jesus did today.


Take a minute to imagine it.  The creator of all.  One with unimaginable strength that could have instead destroyed all that were opposing Him, chose instead to submit to their punishment and degrading abuse.  The only one who could have brought Rome and every other enemy to their knees chose instead to quietly accept all that they could dish out.


I, for one, cannot fathom being able to humbly submit to such punishment and ridicule.  I can’t picture a situation where I could quietly allow it all to happen, knowing that I had the power to bring Heavens Armies down on the heads of all that were complicit in what was happening.


But Jesus did.  He did it for me.  For you.  While knowing what a bunch of screws ups we were and would be, He chose to give it all.  Many think of a Christian as weak and meek and an easy target.  Jesus was none of these.  What He did required strength that I cannot imagine.  Personally, I can’t even make it make sense in my head.  I can’t imagine that kind of self control and faith.  But, the great thing is I don’t have to.  Jesus did it for me.


I hope if you don’t know Him today, that you will take some time for some reflection.  Do you really believe that something that has lasted for more than 2000 years, more than that if you count in the old testament, is just make believe?  Do you really believe that something that has infiltrated the hearts, minds and societies of countless numbers since the beginning of time is just a fairy tale?  Think about it today.  Even if you have never prayed, take a minute today to talk to God with an open mind and heart.  Jesus is still alive and still waiting for you.




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