Yoga for PTSD relief


yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

Let me start by saying I am a Jesus freak.  Fully Christian all the time.  For a long time I have avoided yoga for what I perceived might me new age religion.  I’ve found that it’s only that if I follow that path.  Yoga by itself is just stretching, strengthening and relaxing.  I spend my time during yoga praying, thanking God for all He is and Has done and will do.

Ok, now to purpose of this post.  PTSD or other anxiety related disorder causes one to be very tense a lot of the time.  Often, I will wake up in the morning feeling like i’ve been doing a whole body workout for hours.  Every muscle and joint is sore.  This is from being unconsciously tense while I was supposed to be sleeping.  I don’t want to take medication to help me sleep all the time, so I have to compensate with stretching.

I’ve found that just 20 minutes of yoga helps tremendously.  Not only does it give a good stretch, it also gives me time to stop, relax and pray.  I’m always amazed when I start the yoga exercises how incredibly tight my body is.  No wonder I’m sore all of the time.  The stretching really does help.  At a minimum, it reduces my stress pain so there’s one less thing on my mind.  I want to be clear that I’m not saying that yoga cures ptsd, it doesn’t.  It just helps with the affects of ptsd on your body.

There are many yoga programs out there.  You can go to a gym or studio, or just in your living room.  I paid $1.99 for an app that I use on my ipad mini.  The app guides me through various poses with video.  Of course, you don’t have to buy anything or have an iPad.  There are apps for your phone, dvd’s, books, in person classes, and of course just do a web search and then print them out and do them.

Even if you don’t deal with PTSD, I think anyone can benefit from the stretching and relaxing.  If you do deal with PTSD or some other anxiety issue, then I think yoga is a must for you and me.  Give it a few tries and then tell me what you think.


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