PTSD redundancy plan


Keys. (Photo credit: Bohman)


One of the most annoying symptoms of my PTSD is my lack of memory.  Believe it or not, my memory used to be near photographic. Actually, this over active memory may have contributed to PTSD.  Anyways, I now have a lot of short term memory issues.  I lose things easily and it drives me nuts.


Today, I lost my keys.  Actually, they’re not lost exactly.  I left them in my wifes car and she left this morning on a 3 day business trip.  Luckily, this is one of the things I have planned for ahead of time.  I created a redundancy plan to deal with memory shortfalls like this.


First, I called her to make sure they were in her car.  They were, so that stress is gone.  Then, I followed my notes to find the spare key, as well as the key to the safe.  I also keep a note in my phone to tell me the path to take if stress overwhelms me and I can’t think properly.


So, by creating some redundancies to take of my memory slack, I have taken steps ahead of time to reduce unneeded stress.



3 comments on “PTSD redundancy plan

  1. Just this morning, I dropped hubs at work, drove to the end of the road. At the stop light (a long 10 min light), I suddenly realized I didn’t have any idea where I was. In a way, the long light is good. I looked on the inside cover of my notebook at the map pasted there by my loving hubby, and followed it to coffee. By the time I’d had a cup, I knew where I was again… For me, I get lost going someplace, even walking to the corner station for a soda. Carry maps and cell phone with one of my brothers in blue on speed dial in case I really seriously get lost.

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