Problems are easy to find, solutions must not be

Swatches of carpet of tufted construction

Swatches of carpet of tufted construction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have a contractor and crew finishing our basement.  Let me first say that he’s a good guy and his crew does good work.  In other words, I like him and his crew.  But, he is currently driving me insane!!

For some reason that I have yet to figure out, he likes to bring us problems when he already knows the solution.  Here’s an example from this morning: one of the last things to do now is to install carpet on the stairs.  We have some carpet left from when it was installed in the rest of the house.  He comes to me this morning to say that there isn’t enough carpet.  We’ve told him from the beginning that we have some carpet, but that it may not be enough.  We also told him where we got it, so that he could get more if needed.

So, this morning he comes to me to say we don’t have enough carpet.  What I wanted to do was lose it and tell him what i’ve said 50 times at this point, “figure it out!”.   I told him instead, once again, where we got the carpet and that he will probably need to go get more.

Why is it that so many people don’t understand the value in being a solution finder?  Even if the solution is wrong or not the optimum, the effort is better than nothing.  Everybody has a complaint or can identify a problem.  What will set a person apart, whether at work or anywhere else is being the person that can or is willing to try to find a solution.

Let’s hope they get the carpet done on their own like big boys and girls.

p.s. I was looking at the links that WordPress automatically generates from my blog words.  I saw that I just wrote a similar blog a few days ago.  It appears that this topic is a really sore point for me.  It also is my PTSD showing through.


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