Boys were designed to be warriors

English: S'mores Pop-Tarts.

English: S’mores Pop-Tarts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Before I start this post let me say ahead of time that I’m not trying to take anything away from females.  I’m just talking about God’s design of boys right now.


There have recently been several stories in the news of young boys getting in trouble at school for, in my opinion, very stupid things.  On the news this morning was a story of a young boy that got in trouble at school for biting his poptart into the shape of a gun.  Another recent story was another young boy that used his fingers as a gun while playing that got him into hot water.


Males were not designed by God to be peaceable creatures.  They were designed from the beginning to be fighters.  In God’s design, they will be fighters for good.  They will fight for their family, for their country, for their neighbor.  This design goes awry when there is no one to train a young boy in what are worthy things to fight for.  Many are not trained to fight for God, their family, their children, their country.  Their natural instincts are left untrained and they direct this design to negative actions.


Reprimanding a young boy for something like his pop tart weapon is tantamount to telling him, “your masculinity is bad.  You should get rid of that.”  If we as a society continue to strip this God design out of our young boys, and girls, then who is left to stand up to the evil in this world?  Do we rely on the government to protect us?  That’s not going to work very well if our military, police forces, fire fighters, EMT’s have been taught from the beginning that what makes them male is bad.


It’s time to let common sense back into the United States.  Will we always get it right?  No, that’s part of being human.  But, is it better to not try?  I don’t think so.




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