Calling children obese should be a crime

Child 1

Child 1 (Photo credit: Tony Trần)

I saw a report on the news today about a young boy who’s parents received a letter from his school stating that he is obese.  The kid is fit from what I could see.  He actually trains in MMA fighting.  I can’t deny that for some children weight may be a problem.  But, a school handing out these labels should be a crime.  Children have enough self esteem issues to deal with without their school and government adding to it.

Personally, I was called fat in my house for most of my life.  That treatment has left scars.  In Army basic training I was labeled as obese and when it was meal time I was one who had to say, “I’ll have the fat boy meal” to the servers.  I worked my butt off during my entire time in the Army, 5 years, and never did make it under the weight requirement.

These things still haunt me today.  Stop labeling your children.  If your school is doing this mindless crap, then stand up and do something about it.  The mental damage that may be caused could follow them for a lifetime.  Contrary to today’s popular belief, the government and schools do not always know better than you as a parent what is good or right for your child.

God has accepted us all, flaws and all.  It’s time to stand up to the stupidity that is running rampant in our country and specifically to this issue, our schools.


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