There’s value in being a solution finder

Monty hall solution expanded - second version ...

Monty hall solution expanded – second version Shows six possible solutions as six people. Swapping gives two wins to one loss on average. Keeping gives two losses to one win on average. See also: 100px and 100px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was in sales for quite a while and my wife is a sales consultant in the traffic industry.  I’ve been in our home office with her today overhearing her back and forth conversations on solving a problem they’ve found.  Unfortunately, most of the people she’s spoken with are problem finders.  These people are common both in the business world and in personal life.

It’s exceedingly easy to identify problems.  We live in a broken world where problems of some variety are an almost every day occurrence.  Just look around on the web or on the news.  It’s problems galore, with very few solutions being offered.  Even temporary solutions or the effort to try to find a solution are becoming rare.

If you, or anyone, wants to be truly invaluable in the work place and in life, then be a solution finder.  Identify the problem and then go a step further and identify one or more possible solutions.  The powers that be may reject your solution, and that’s ok.  At the end of the day, you saw a problem and you tried to fix it.  This doesn’t just apply to the business world, it goes for personal life as well. Find the solution or list of possible solutions.  You’ll be one of the few and that will make you invaluable in your work place and maybe at home too.


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