Dear Christians, please stop complaining

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United St...

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United States Library of Congress, demonstrating printed pages as a storage medium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Like many, I watched The Bible on the History channel last night.  I knew that it would be very difficult for the producers to fit in the Bible in it’s entirety.  My bigger concern was that the spirit of God’s word was kept.  In my opinion, it was.  Now, I’ve only seen one episode, so I must wait and see how they did with the rest.


Unfortunately, I was afraid that many christians would immediately start complaining about this inaccuracy or that.  And I was right.  First thing I see this morning online is people complaining about how the History Channel left out this or that.


Here’s my opinion, after only one episode.  They did a pretty good job at keeping the spirit of God’s word in a compact video.  If they had totally changed the story, then that’s bad.  But to keep to the story of God’s relationship with His children in such a short format, I am grateful.


As Christians, we are constantly bombarded by all of the sin this world has to offer.  A vast majority of things in any kind of media ignore Jesus at best, and speak out against Him at worst.  God can use anything to fulfill His will.  Even a shortened video series on His book.  If, at some point during the series the History Channel goes against God’s word in some way, twisting the Bible to fit some other sinister meaning, then that will be the time to speak out.  But, until they do that, be grateful.  Praise God for working to bring His plan to people who may not be in church, read the bible, or hear it from another person.  Instead of complaining over minute details, spend your time asking God to us this series.



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