Check you Facebook facts

Bing Homepage in April 2011

Bing Homepage in April 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We all see those posts on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere that claim some event, usually something that elicits anger, outrage, sympathy, etc.  It’s easy to get sucked into these stories and the emotions that they’re trying to bring out.  It’s also easy to check on a story before allowing yourself to become emotionally invested in it.


If something seems too outrageous, too good to be true, too evil to be true, etc, then take a second to double check it.  It quite literally only takes a few seconds to find out if something is true, partially true, or false.  Do a google or bing search of the title of what your checking.  Many times the first search results that come up will tell you if something is a rumor without having to click any further.


It’s well worth your time and emotional health to do a quick double check on these items.  You’ll not only save yourself some aggravation, but if you stop the rumor mill, you help your friends as well.



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