Devotional for anxiety

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When you deal with PTSD or other anxiety disorder, it’s sometimes difficult to find a Christian devotional that makes sense.  Mainly because I have some extra hurdles to get over to stay close to God.  Many times the anxiety and the things it causes makes me feel like I’m a “less then” Christian because I can’t seem to just be happy like others do.


I’ve been sporadically trying a devotional called “Devotions for those with Anxiety Disorders: Including post traumatic stress disorder” by Jazz Garrett.  I’ve found it on both Amazon and iBooks.


I’m really starting to love this book.  I have never read a devotional before written by someone that actually understands what anxiety feels like.  She is able to speak from experience and make the connection because God and my affliction.  I highly recommend this book for your daily reading.


Even if you don’t have anxiety issues, it may help you to understand those that do.



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