Have an anxiety safe place

PTSD safe zone

PTSD safe zone

I was reading in my devotional for those with anxiety disorders this morning, PTSD fits this definition.  Today’s reading suggested setting up a safe place in your home.  This is a place where you go to go to God and deal with your what your feeling.  It’s a place where you and I can concentrate on fighting off the anxiety demons.  To my happy surprise, I was setting in my ‘safe’ place as I read this.  If i’m home I start every morning in this place.  The picture here is my spot.  I have my bible, headphones, it’s in a corner, a statue representing the whole armor of God.  Make it a requirement to start your morning in your safe place.  Put God first above everyone and everything else.



One comment on “Have an anxiety safe place

  1. And, from the looks of it, your back to a window…I’m impressed! 🙂 My safe place is also in part one of the places for my ptsd. My car. It has locks, mirrors and windows to see, a radio to listen, and the freedom to move. Talk to God alot when I’m on the road.

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