Is a shotgun good for home defense?

English: Winchester Model 1897 Pump-Action Sho...

English: Winchester Model 1897 Pump-Action Shotgun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


VP Biden has advised home owners that want to defend their home and family should just use a shotgun.  Personally, I have a couple of problems with this.  There are many that will disagree with a couple of my points here, but that’s ok.


1. Most shotguns are difficult to maneuver in small spaces, such as hallways.  This makes it difficult to get on target.


2. The assumption is that the VP is suggesting using shot shell.  This means that there is a chance of unneeded property or collateral damage.


3. I don’t necessarily want someone to die if they break into my home.  I only want them to stop their action.  If I were to shoot center mass, as most people train, the chances of their survival after being shot with a single round are much greater than with a shotgun.


The shotgun does have some characteristics that make it a possible good option for home defense.  First, the sound alone of a pump action shotgun being charged is very unique and could be a deterrent.   Notice I said could be.   Second, you don’t have to aim.  You just point and shoot.


This is just my personal opinion, but if I ever had to shoot an intruder I would prefer that they not die.  My preference would be that they simply stop what they are doing and then hopefully have the opportunity to repent and change their life.  Again, I know there are many who will disagree with me on this one, but I don’t want to see death for the sake of death.




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