Teach kids situational awareness


elevator (Photo credit: Jose R. Borras)


Here’s a short story that happened to me tonight.  I’m staying at a hotel.  I got onto the elevator to go downstairs.  The elevator stops a couple floors down and a young girl, I’m guessing around 15 gets onto the elevator with me.  I’m guessing I outweighed her by more than 100 lbs and was a foot and a half taller.


If I was some kind of predator things could have gone very bad for her just by her making the decision to get on the elevator with me.  But, she actually made the situation worse.  Not only did she get on the elevator at night with a man she didn’t know, she proceeded to turn her back to me and stand directly in front of me.  Remember, there was no one else on the elevator but the two of us.  Again, I’m one of the good guys, so she was safe.  But, if she had done the same with a predator, she would have made his job very easy.


So, what should she have done?  First, don’t get on the elevator.  Wait for the next one.  It’s much better to take the safe road than to worry about offending someone by getting on the elevator.


If, for some reason, she still found herself alone in such an enclosed space with a large stranger, then don’t turn your back to him.  Face him and create as much space as possible.  Stay near the elevator buttons if possible, right by the emergency call button.


Parents, I don’t recommend keeping your children locked away in your house until they’re 18, but you do need to teach them how to stay safe.  No one wants their children to live in a dangerous world, but we do and it’s important to instill those teachings that will keep them safe.  Please pass this on to other parents and teens.  I use to teach self defense classes to females on a university campus when I was a police officer and there are many such classes available.  It’s up to you as a parent to teach your children how to survive and to find other resources to expand on that knowledge.




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