Lego Headphones

Lego Headphones (Photo credit: eldeeem)


Part of what I deal with with PTSD is OCD.  This is not OCD as in I have to flip a light switch 10 times before leaving a room.  It is a much more specific thought process.  My OCD tendencies have to do with safety and security.


Basically, I have times of being trapped in a thought loop that is centered on keeping my family safe.  Things like: have I locked the doors, should I install new security lights, am I properly prepared for intruders, etc.  You get the point.  There are times when this process will stop my sleep, cause anxiety, and basically makes me miss most of what’s going on around me.


I do try to curb or stop these processes, but often I’m already far into the thought process before I even know what’s going on.  One of the the most helpful things for me to stop this cycle is listening to music with headphones.  This seems to short circuit my thought processes and get me onto a new path.



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