How to remove some PTSD travel stress

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I don’t travel much anymore, but my wife’s job requires a lot of travel.  Occasionally it works out that I can hit the road, or air, with her.  I have a problem with packing.  I tend to overthink it and often simply forget if i’ve packed everything I need or not.  It’s simply hard to keep my brain on track with packing and to not forget if I’ve packed or not.


To help with this, i’ve created a packing list on Evernote that I can use each time I travel.  I can go through the list I’ve created and check things off as I go.  This may sound familiar to some of you, since it’s the same thing that military members use to pack for deployments.


This will be my first time trying out this new, more organized method and we’ll see how it goes.


By the way, Evernote has been a life saver for me as a sort of PTSD assistant.  This is where I can store all kinds of notes and it’s where I created my packing list that I can use over and over.


Do you have any travel tips that you use to make the trip less stressful?  I’d love to hear about them.




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