Pay attention, but don’t worry

Riot Police.

Riot Police. (Photo credit: alhussainy)


There’s a lot to be concerned about going on in our country right now.  Gun control, debt, immigration, increasing violence, etc. etc.  It’s getting harder to keep your head in the sand, so to speak.  Go on to Facebook, it’s there.  Twitter, same.  News, yep.  And so on it goes.


There are so many things going on it’s easy to just want to stick your head in the sand and wait for the storm to pass.  I must say, unfortunately, these storms may not pass.  They may just create bigger storms.


It’s difficult in its simplicity, but the truth remains.  Trust God.  It’s really the only viable option.  You can prepare to your hearts content for whatever seems to be the biggest threat, and it’s not necessarily a bad idea.  But in the end, Jesus is still in control of your life or not.  It’s your choice.  Trust is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it should be discarded.  The truth is, God may very well allow our country to face the music.  We’ve pushed him out of our country for many years now.  But He won’t give up on his children.


Stand firm in Christ Jesus.  This too shall pass.



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