Dog barking and ptsd

We have an old yellow lab, Beau is his name. Even though he's old as dirt he still jumps and barks like a puppy when we come home. His barking doesn't seem to bother my wife, but it scrambles my brain like crazy. It's a ptsd thing. The extremely loud noise seems to short circuit my ability to think. All I can do is get away from the noise as quick as possible. Once I'm away from the noise, I can regain my thoughts.

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One comment on “Dog barking and ptsd

  1. I have never been in the armed forces. However because of my NUTTY childhood. I have PTSD. We recently moved into a house and our neighbor has a dog that barks like CRAZY. Every time I open my back door he is right there barking, it is like he is in my house, he runs back and forth along the fence. I am at a loss as to what to do, I am an animal lover through and through, I have two bulldogs and my dogs don’t bark unless they think I may be threatened. However I have thought of some not so nice things to do to this dog. I thought about getting one of those LOUD fog horns. Or when the owners are out with there friends I thought about playing old Hymns REALLY LOUD. HELP!!!!

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